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Do you need a speaker for your event who can speak to a topic that affects every person in the room? If so, look no further! Sylvia McClintick brings her unique blend of humor, real-world examples, and interactive organizing strategies to events of all types. From national conferences, to local group meetings, non-profit organization events and business gatherings, McClintick delivers a message that works with every audience.

Sylvia can customize her keynote or seminar to your specific needs, or you may choose among some of her more popular topics, listed below.


These are the three steps to getting organized. Being organized means being able to find what you need, when you need it, with the least amount of work. Everyone is born with a natural organizing style; many of you just may not know what it is. Learn to recognize your own organizing style and start integrating that style into your life to assist you in reaching your goals. If you want to get organized, why not start today?

How Powerful is Stress?

Enjoy more time, space, energy and money, and by definition have "Less Stress"! You are the CEO of your own life. How you spend your time is your decision. Stress builds when we think we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Being organized lets you use your time effectively instead of looking for your stuff or running around in circles.

Finding Teamwork Within the Chaos

Travel from the "land of overwhelm" to pull together different personal styles so the entire team feels appreciated and in control. Creative people, i.e., your employees, need to feel effective. When we understand each other, we can work instead of gripe. Work and organization styles give us insight to each other and common ground. Let Sylvia show you how!

Finding Balance and Order in Chaos

When we're drowning in clutter, it's hard to know where to start. In this program, you'll learn about the three steps to getting organized - delutter...organize...simplify. You'll also learn how to recognize your own and others' natural organizing and working styles. Want a 3 step plan to get yourself organized and a plan on where and how to start? This program will help you find your balance and plan your time, energy and space for better results - results you want.

The High Cost of Chaos

When drowning in clutter, we cannot be creative. It saps our energy when we just look at it! How many times have you awakened with a creative urge only to deflate when looking at your workspace? Eliminate the clutter and determine the best place to do your work, then centralize your tools next to that place. Give yourself permission to use those weird spaces in your home or workspace to their best, and begin doing what you love! Let Organized Chaos show you how.

From Frustration to Organized Chaos

The journey from frustration to Organized Chaos is paved with obstacles and opportunities. To facilitate change, use your unique organizing style with complimentary systems to promote the achievement of your goals.

Workshops are available by appointment. Fees are based on time and location. Other workshops are available upon request.



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