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cool stuff

This is my space to let you know about cool ideas I come across, or ideas from my clients about how they're using my products or things they've found. If you have inventive, cool ideas that are helping you become more organized, don't hesitate to share them with me, so I can share them with others.

What The Organizers Say

  • Commitment is required to declutter. Make this a priority and put time in your schedule to get it done! A little bit a day will do wonders over a week or two. You will breathe better when you create space!
  • Do the hardest thing first. By avoiding it, It's often the very thing that's sapping your energy physically, mentally and emotionally. Haven't you found things aren't as awful as you think they are once you start? It's true with this job too.
  • Start first thing in the morning. Don't even think about checking email. You know how it pulls you into different directions, leaving you on a totally different track. Grab a cup of Joe, and start NOW.
  • Make yourself a to-do list. As you finish off one task or area, mark it off your list. It will give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Get tools of the trade. Go to your favorite merchandiser or home improvement store and treat yourself to baskets, drawer organizers, shelves, hanging jewelry box...whatever! I found some great storage shelves with sturdy canvas boxes that house my casual clothes. Yoga clothes in this one, jeans in that one. I pull them out and it's EASY and NEAT.
  • Go up if you need to. I have high ceilings which gave me extra space in closets for an extra rod or crates to stack reams and reams of copy paper. Use hooks on backs of doors.
  • Be merciless. Look at every item and ask yourself if this is bringing you joy or something you need to currently use. I had an extra single bed in my home office for guests. It has been used twice in two years. Up it went in the attic! I now have a beautiful table desk that gives me working space. I love it!
  • Let it go. If you want a few bucks, consider consignment stores or Craig's List or eBay. Otherwise, have the local agencies that help the less fortunate come pick it up! Remember your tax deductible receipt too! If you really want to keep it but don't have space in your living quarters, consider adding more attic flooring or use the basement with discretion!
  • Got magazines more than 3 months old? They're a fire hazard! Containers of half used toiletries not used for 6 months? Toss it! Medicines for conditions you no longer have? Keys that seem to have no locks? Training wheels? Your son is 28 already! A single sock, earring or glove? Useless! Books that you'll get to "someday"? Donate! Bills more than one year old? Keep shredding! Clothes that no longer fit? Souvenirs from bad vacations? Anything you don't want to pass on to your kids?
  • Consider rearranging the room. Heard of Feng Shui? One local organizer, Sylvia McClintick (www.TameTheChaos.com,) is very good at this and can help you arrange your room so it feels even better. You can feel it when you walk in a room.
  • Know that decluttering and Feng Shui can change your life! Once I worked on my career area of Feng Shui and the next day I lost my job!! BUT the best job I ever had was waiting for an opportunity to show up and get my attention. You have to let go to make room sometimes. The same is true with clutter.

" I don't know about you, but my office needs a major overhaul. I have been so busy this year that it was enough to deliver what I needed to on time. As a result, I had no time to keep files updated, put things in their place, make new places for more "stuff" and do everyday cleaning.

So I called a professional organizer to help. Yes, coaches need coaches. (Everyone does!)

The thing I find interesting about clutter is how it messes with your mind. Several years ago, I met a singles coach who had two rules for anyone she coached: Everyday clean out some clutter and move your body.

Now I get that.

What's on the outside affects what is in the inside--your mind. I felt out of control and smothered. There was a huge weight having so much stuff swallowing me up. I wasn't my upbeat self. Explore with me some tips I learned. Then go out and start attacking your clutter! You'll feel so much better! "
 Corless McGinty
 Owner, Soft Solutions Consulting
" After you all left the other day I sat done to flip through a magazine to decide whether it goes directly into recycling or whether I wanted to read it. A picture of a nice store with business suits for women caught my eye. When I looked at the name of the store, it was the women's store you gave my mom's pendleton suits to. I felt very happy to have them there. They fit right in and would get good use. Thank you. "
 H in Burlington
" Just wanted you to know how much better I feel. I even had people over Sat for a cookout. Something I haven't done in a long time. "
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