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meet sylvia

Sylvia McClintick has been organizing others since the age of 4 (according to her mother) and for her entire professional career. After working as an office manager in 14 different industries over 20 years, friends began asking her to help streamline their lives. In 1992, the business blossomed into Organized Chaos, a company offering professional organizing services, classes and individual coaching.

Sylvia's warm, dynamic and easygoing personality are hallmarks of her work style with clients. "A professional organizer is part psychologist, part coach and part teacher," she says. "There are so many misconceptions about organization. People think getting organized has to be difficult or that it means being neat and having a clean desk. That's just not true. Being organized means having more of the things you value - time and money. It means having the freedom to spend time on your personal priorities."

She has been presenting workshops since 1992 and enjoys both large groups, and groups of two - herself and you!

A native of Virginia, McClintick made Pittsburgh her home from 1979 to 2002. She now works and lives in beautiful, rural North Carolina.

Can you shock Sylvia (doubtful!)

After 23 years of organizing, Sylvia has seen it all.

bulletDog Poop? check mark
bulletSex toys? check mark
bulletMoldy, unrecognizable food? check mark
bulletSnakes? Dead Mice? check mark
bulletCheck for $8,000 among 10-year old stack of newspapers? check mark
bulletMedical reports? check mark
bulletPrescription drugs? check mark
bulletKnives and guns? check mark
bulletDirty diapers? check mark
bulletDrug paraphernalia? check mark

If you can imagine it - she's seen it! And moved it!

You may be too embarrassed to have your neighbor, your mother or your pastor see your stuff. But you don't have to be embarrassed for us to see it. We truly have seen it all, and do not judge our clients. We welcome any challenge.

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