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What is decluttering?

First, you have to start with understanding clutter to understand how to de-clutter!

Def.: Clutter: Anything that does not:

bulletBring you joy
bulletHelp you reach your goals

So what does clutter look like?

Physical clutter may include things like paper, clothes, furniture, supplies and "stuff."

Mental clutter may include "Shoulds," "Oughts," "Must do's," negative thinking, negative self-talk, etc.

Emotional clutter may include fears, anger, frustration...chaos.

Spiritual clutter may include not taking care of ourselves, not setting time for prayer or meditation, deliberately putting ourselves in situations that are harmful or frustrating.

Sometimes, recognizing clutter isn't so obvious. While we can clearly see items on the floor, what clutter may exist out of sight? In your activities? In your thoughts? How does this affect your physical environment?

Organized Chaos specializes in helping you identify the clutter in your life. These are the ways we can help you deal with your clutter:

bullet Simply help you understand what your clutter is so that you can remove it. (We talk, you remove.)
bullet Help you understand what your clutter is, and remove it for you. (We talk, we remove.)
bullet You already recognize (at least some of) your clutter. but it's still in your way. Let us remove it for you. (We remove.)

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