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I have really enjoyed helping other people get organized, but it's time for me to shut down my website and just have fun!! Thanks, Sylvia
HP Sylvia

Organization is A key factor in all aspects of our lives

From our working and living environments to our level of happiness and productivity, organization, and our personal styles of organization, is at the center.

Organized Chaos specializes in working with individuals (both privately and in corporate settings) to identify personal organizational and working styles to pinpoint and create behavioral changes to live a fuller, more productive and satisfying life.

The mission at Organized Chaos is to assist those who want to move forward, whether in their personal or business lives. This can include decluttering, organizing and simplifying in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual arenas. It definitely includes allowing your physical space to reflect your inner beliefs.

What does it cost?

Streamline your Life.

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